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Miyagi produce x finest ingredients
Charge your day with a well-rounded breakfast.

Based on the concept of sourcing local produce from Miyagi and using only the finest ingredients, FOREST KITCHEN with Outdoor Living focuses not only on providing healthy food, but providing a breakfast that will give you the energy to get you through your day, with attention to every detail.

Breakfast Buffet /FOREST KITCHEN with Outdoor Living

You can enjoy the unique taste of this region, such as salad bars and smoothies made with local vegetables from the Tohoku region centered on Miyagi, scrambled eggs made with eggs from Miyagi Prefecture, and jams made with local fruits. In addition, we offer a lineup with attention to detail, such as mineral water and milk of the brand to be prepared on a monthly change, ice-temperature aged coffee and natural yeast bread that maximizes the flavor. Enjoy a special breakfast in a pleasant morning.
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Opening Hour 6:30a.m.~10:00a.m.(L.O. 9:30a.m.)
Price 2,500 JPY / 1 Person

Breakfast Package

FOREST KITCHEN with Outdoor Living

Enjoy a buffet and a la carte dishes from breakfast to night in an open atmosphere with high ceilings. There are counter seats, cafes, semi-private booth seats, and private rooms, so you can always feel comfortable depending on the number of people and the scene. For breakfast and lunch buffets, there are about 60 different menus made with seasonal ingredients, so you can be satisfied with everything from children to seniors.

Restaurant details

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